The most common questions about APEX appear below. If you don’t find what you need, contact us! AMDA staff are ready to help by phone at 800-876-2632 or by email at during regular business hours.

Q. What is APEX?

A. APEX is AMDA's state-of-the-art online platform for self-directed continuing planning education for individuals and groups. It features high-quality content on a broad range of PALTC topics. 


Q. What types of online courses are available?

A. The catalog includes hundreds of online courses in various learning formats:

  • Live webinars, which are free to members.
  • Recorded conference sessions from AMDA's live events. These can be purchased individually or in curated collections.
  • Recorded webinars on a single topic.
  • Interactive courses that feature activities for the learner throughout the course.
  • Podcasts
  • Products and Resources developed by AMDA, such as CPGs, pocket guides, and teaching slides.

AMDA will add dozens of courses annually, with more learning formats to come.


Q. I purchased a course. Where can I view it?

A. Your course will be available on your APEX dashboard after enrolling in the "Course Overview" section. If you do not see your course immediately, log out of APEX and then log back in. On-demand courses will show as "In Progress" upon enrollment, while future events such as live webinars and conferences will appear under the "Future" tab.

Q. How do I earn credit for a course?

A. View the course content and complete and pass the exam. On the Evaluation, Credit, Certificate page:

  • Complete the evaluation by clicking on the Evaluation header.
  • Claim credits by clicking on the Claim Credit header.
  • Download your certificate by clicking on the Certificate header.
Credits will appear on your transcript immediately.

Q. How long will I have access to my APEX course?

A. You will have access for one year from the date of enrollment. Per accreditation rules, courses may not be eligible for CME, MOC, or CMD credit after three years from the date a course is recorded.

Q. What if I started watching a course and had to stop? Do I have to re-start at the beginning?

A. Not at all! APEX creates a bookmark where you stop watching a video, so you can pick up at the exact point you stopped — at any time and on any device.


Q. How can I find out the status of my APEX courses?

A. APEX tracks your online education in three helpful ways:

  • Your Dashboard’s “Course Overview” displays your courses in three categories:

               - “In Progress” uses easy-to-read graphics to track your progress through courses you’re currently taking;
               - “Future” lists courses you have purchased that will not be available until a future date; and                 
               - “Past” lists courses you have completed.

  • Certificate of Completion can be printed out for each course you finish. The certificate will document the course title and any credits awarded.
  • Your APEX Transcript summarizes all the APEX courses you have purchased, lists the dates each course was started and completed, and links to your Certificates of Completion. Use this tool to track your learning progress and share your achievements.

Q. In my course I see empty check boxes next to activities. How do I ‘tick’ these?

A. If a box with a dotted border is shown, a tick will appear automatically when you have completed the activity according to the conditions set by course. If a box with a solid border is shown, you can click it to tick the box when you think you have completed the activity.

Q. How much does an APEX course cost?

A. AMDA members can view content available for free by clicking the "Free to Members" box  for any APEX course. Prices for other courses are displayed on the individual course pages. 

Q. If I’m unhappy with my purchase, will AMDA issue a refund?

A. Yes. We want you to be satisfied with your online learning. If you are unhappy with your  purchase for any reason and have not claimed credit for that course, please request a refund by emailing within five business days of purchase. AMDA will not issue a refund after any credit has been claimed for a course.

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